Perspective Group offers a comprehensive range of Mechanical services to ensure your end product delivers optimum comfort for occupants. Sustainability and efficiency are prioritised, which is critical given that mechanical services are frequently the largest energy consumers in Australian buildings.

  • Ventilation systems (mechanical and natural)

  • Comfort air conditioning and heating systems (active, passive and mixed mode)

  • Hospital and laboratory air conditioning and ventilation process air conditioning

  • Refrigeration plant

  • Central thermal plant

  • Under-floor and displacement air conditioning

  • Variable air volume/low temperature variable air volume

  • High-rise air-conditioning systems

  • Natural ventilation

  • Mixed mode

  • Data centres



Perspective Group offer complete Electrical engineering solutions across residential, commercial and industrial projects. Whether you need lighting, power, communications or other electrical, we can design a reliable and energy efficient solution to meet your needs.

  • High, medium & low voltage electrical distribution systems

  • Emergency power generation & distribution

  • Co-generation and tri-generation

  • Electric power utility connection

  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems

  • Filtering & surge protection/suppression

  • Lightning protection & grounding systems

  • Exit & emergency lighting

  • Power control systems

  • Lighting design



Perspective Group understands that water is a precious resource and is therefore committed to delivering efficient, sanitary hydraulic solutions, no matter how complex the project.

  • Liaison with service authorities

  • Site and campus Infrastructure

  • Sewer drainage & trade waste drainage

  • Sanitary plumbing

  • Cold water & hot water systems

  • Roof drainage

  • Conventional and siphonic downpipe systems

  • Environmental building audits and assessment

  • Grey water treatment and recycling

  • Waste water treatment

  • Rainwater / storm water harvesting collection systems

  • Recycled water systems


Perspective Group maintain expert knowledge of ever-changing regulations and codes This informs us as we with all stakeholders to design a fire strategy that will help you meet your safety responsibilities while achieving your architectural and operational vision.

  • Site and campus infrastructure, including ring main systems

  • Interfaces with building management systems

  • Emergency warning and intercommunication system (EWIS)

  • Building occupant warning system

  • Detection & alarm systems

  • Extinguishing systems

  • Smoke evacuation & control

  • Emergency communications

  • Gas compression systems

  • Fire sprinklers & drencher systems

  • Fire hydrants & hose reels

  • Gaseous fire suppression


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